Sign up for an account

A guide to registering a new accept account.


Why do I have to?!

In order to deal with any of Accept's services, you have to register an account, this tutorial will be your guide to create one.

To create your account, follow these steps

  1. Navigate to Accept's home page and click on Create account

Accept portal - sign in page

  1. You should be redirected to the Sign-Up page, please fill the form with this info, check I'm not a robot checkbox, then click on Sign Up.

Accept portal - sign up form

Well, now you've created a new Accept account, now let's activate your account.

  1. Check the inbox of the email you've just registered with, you should receive an email with content similar to what in the image below, click on Start Accepting.

Accept - Account Activation Email

Great! You've created a new Accept account πŸŽ‰
Now you can go to the Sign-In page and start accepting online payments from your customers, go check our use case guide and choose your perfect payment scenario πŸ˜‰!



The status of the created account will be marked as a "Test" account, this will allow you to test all of Accept's services.
When you finish your testing phase, just send a request to "[email protected]" to change its status to be "Live".