Payment Integrations

A guide for your Integration IDs.

By reading this guide you will understand the functionalities of the payment integrations tab found in your dashboard and you will be able to create/control your own payment integration IDs



  1. A payment integration ID is a unique identifier per merchant for his payment methods, since Accept is offering a wide variety of payment methods "Cards, Mobile Wallets, Kiosk Payments, etc..." each of which has a unique reference ID that mapped to your Accept account, and it has two statuses, Test and Live.

  2. When you create a new payment integration ID, by default its status is set to be "Test" which means it can only be used for processing test transactions with the test credentials for the sandbox and testing environments.

  3. A newly created Accept account by default has a new test card integration ID assigned to it, you can add more integration IDs to your account according to your integration needs.

  4. You can control your payment integrations from your portal - Payment Integrations tab.

Payment Integrations Tab

  1. Log in to your Accept [portal].
    "Sign up a new account if you don't already have one"
    "Learn how to create a new Accept account"

  2. In your dashboard, click on the [Payment Integrations] tab in your navigation board as viewed in the image below.


Accept Dashboard - Navigation Board.

  1. Now you should find all the existing payment method integration IDs related to your Accept account listed as viewed below.

Accept Dashboard - Payment Integrations tab.

Column NameDescription
IDAn integer number referencing to this integration, each payment method you're integrating with has a unique integer identifier.
TypeThe type of this integration ID "Card, Wallets, Kiosk, Cash, etc...".
CurrencyThe currency of this integration ID "AED, USD, etc...".
StatusThe status of this integration ID Test or Live.
ShopifyDefines whether this integration ID could be used for Shopify E-Commerce platform or not.
Created AtThe date and time of creating this integration ID.

Adding New Integration ID

Let's create a new MIGS integration ID...

  1. In your Payment Integrations tab, click on add in the upper right corner as viewed in the image below.

Accept Dashboard - Payment Integrations tab.

  1. A pop-up screen as the image below should appear to you.

Accept Dashboard - Payment Integrations add.

  1. Click on the type field and choose "Online Card".

Accept Dashboard - Payment Integrations add.

  1. Set the currency to be AED.

Accept Dashboard - Payment Integrations add.


Use Shopify

Accept provides plugins for many e-commerce platforms, one of many is Shopify.
If you're creating this integration ID to accept payments through your Shopify platform, please check the "Use Shopify" button in your integration ID creation tab.

TypeThe type of payment integration "Card, Wallets, Kiosk, Cash, etc..."
CurrencyThe currency that this payment method should support "AED, USD, etc.."
Transaction Processed Callback URLLeave it as it is or, click here to learn more.
Transaction Response Callback URLLeave it as it is or, click here to learn more.
  1. Now its time to set your callback URLs to your integration ID.

If you're integrating with Accept through one of its e-commerce platforms plugins, use the following callback URLs depending on the platform you're using.

PlatformTransaction Processed CallbackTransaction Response Callback

If you're integrating with Accept directly through your APIs, please check the transaction callbacks guide.


Now your integration ID is ready to be used as a test ID.
Note that, any integration ID you create from your dashboard its status set to be Test if you want to turn it to be live, please contact your Sales Person.