Payment Link

A guide to the Payment Link tab in Accept's dashboard.


  1. A Payment Link is a standalone payment tool that helps you to receive payments from your customer without integrating with Accept.
  2. The invoice tab allows you to generate an invoice payment link.
  3. The payment link is valid for only one payment.

Payment Links Tab

  1. In your dashboard, click on the "Create" button on the top right corner beside your username. You then can click on "Payment Link" to start creating the invoice.
  1. You should see a view similar to the one in the image below. This is your invoice interface, from which you can create your Payment Link with the price and the needed customer details.

Full Name: Your customer's full name.
Phone Number: Your customer contact number.
Email Address: The email address on which your customer will receive a notification after performing his payment.
Reference Identifier: A field in which you can set your own reference to your orders, which might be a string, or integer or mix of both, choose what fits your reference convention :wink+:
Remember this field is unique per order, which means that you cannot use the same merchant order ID/Reference Identifier for more than one order.

Order Description: A field in which you can add a description to your order contents.
Amount: The price of your order.
Currency: The currency that you'll accept your payment with "AED, USD, etc...".


Quick Guidlines

  1. Please note that you can put first name and last name without any spaces.
  2. Select required Integration ID after checking the box of Online Card. Kindly note that in live environment, you would require to choose a live integrationid.
  3. If ExpiryDate for Payment link is not set then the link will be expired in an hour.
  4. After finalizing the payment link click on Create Payment Link to generate the payment link.

You can also upload your Product Image and Business logo while creating the Payment links.


After choosing the desired currency, a list with your available payment methods will appear to you, please choose the payment method you want your customer to pay for you through.
You can choose one or more than one payment method to offer your customer to pay through.
By default, your account is created with an AED credit card integration ID, to know more about creating/managing your payment integration please check the Payment Integrations guide.

  1. After clicking on the "Create Payment link", you will be redirected to your "Invoice Summary" page. Further, you can click on the invoice itself to view the invoice details.

Now, please share the Invoice Link with your customer by copying this payment link from the "Copy icon".You can also preview the payment link by clicking the Preview button.

  1. Your customer should be redirected to a page similar to the one below.


You have just created your invoice successfully πŸŽ‰
Now please share the invoice link with your user in order to pay for it.